Our Philosophy

Childhood is a very special time in our lives. It is a time that should be filled with many wonderful experiences. Success in learning is achieved by providing the type of learning environment that spells fun. Children learn through their play, and all of us here at Princeton Pre-K  Childcare Center at Lincoln Park believe that a basic love of learning is developed during this time in a child's life.

In establishing a school for children we feel it is important to consider the "whole child". Each child is treated as the unique individual that he or she is, and encouraged to grow and develop at their own pace. Educational success comes naturally as the child strengthens their basic love for learning through successful accomplishments. Our programs are geared towards helping children develop their unique personalities through achieving self discipline and independent thinking, within a warm, loving, caring, safe environment. Each child's educational standing and needs are assessed, and then we develop an educational plan utilizing this information to help them excel. Each child will be afforded the proper learning experiences for his or her stage of development. Children grow and learn at their own pace, and at various times different activities appeal more to them than others. Learning without stress sums up our philosophy. All children should have very positive learning experiences. Success breeds success. If your child can form a positive self-image at this very impressionable age, he or she will carry that through life.

At Princeton Pre-K & Childcare Center at Lincoln Park our Academic Programs provide a quality educational program specifically designed to build confidence and character. Our programs prepare children intellectually, emotionally, socially, and physically to better cope in our ever changing, complex world. We believe children to be very special individuals, and we nurture them with this in mind.